Side Project

Been looking into broadcasting as a new side project and it has taken me aback on my writing projects, I wanted to leave an update on where I am. Currently I am half way through my typed edition which will be marked down in price, I am only going to focus on selling my book […]

In the works

The last of the new tools finally arrived, a traditional print hard cover is underway now with a new bind method, the materials for the cover were not my first choice but I will make due with what I have, the reason I first published in a non traditional print format as opposed to typed, […]

Going to retool soon

learned a lot through the process of writing & making my very first few sets of soft cover books, plan to pickup a few new tools & try out some more binding techniques as well try my hand at hard cover design, I have a few literary projects on the docket as well a host […]

Some thoughts

My intentions for writing Kanata Waltz was to honor my family & friends, when people set about writing an autobiography, it is to pay their respects, and share what matters to them. You have my love. I will try my best in future pursuits, been trying for a long time to make things better, If […]

Holiday Brainstorm

When any given subject matter gets too tough to sort out the first thing to drop is false negative equivalency, rather inefficient. Both the UN & NATO should be disbanded. Individual governments are bad enough, let’s just create a buddy system based on geographic necessity & mutual humane interests to start, just the word humane […]

December tidings

Things really changed for me at the start of this year (2019). I am 32 years old, enjoy seeing the holidays celebrated this time of year, am glad to see it continue and grow where I am from too. I grew up celebrating many traditional western holidays, understand that many have much older pagon beginnings. […]

A note on imagery

Some matters I expressed via imagery in the book Kanata Waltz, imagination is a beautiful thing, did not write the book with any malice intent, the books, shelf & papyrus have further stories, I like the touch of gravity, though understand the negative associations that can be taken from some of it. I write on […]