Side Project

Been looking into broadcasting as a new side project and it has taken me aback on my writing projects, I wanted to leave an update on where I am. Currently I am half way through my typed edition which will be marked down in price, I am only going to focus on selling my book once this process is completed but it’s going slowly at the moment, I really look forward to sharing this once I am caught up on this process, appreciate anyone who happens across this post, wish you all the best for coming to check up on my works.

Should also write, my next book project is in honor of my late mother, she was a most dutiful woman and that project will be focused on sharing glimpses of her life with the world, to be honest my first project wasn’t really focused on sharing, more just to denoted some accounts and accomplishments I value, to try and change the world as it were. I may look into outside publishers on this next project, I however find it very hard to connect with the publishing world, anyhow thanks for stopping by.

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