2nd edition

I went with Kindle direct publishing as my publishing partner for the release of Kanata Waltz. It released on #ValentinesDay of 2023. Though I tried dozens of Canadian publishers & even looked into Canadian literary agents, I had a great deal of trouble at the time, my mental health was troubling, during the creation process the only electronic device I trusted was the photocopier and I was having trouble with my vision later on, may have been stress related. I was trying to promote my book & I think looking for more work, trying to spend parts of the day apart from my mother, well also learning her roles in my fathers business to lighten her days when need be.

I wrote on removing some images, though some stories were also removed in the 2nd edition, some didn’t have enough tact, others were for my mother, though she loves music & collected a massive record collection throughout her time, she only read the book & never listened to a few of the albums I related to, I wanted her to see some more parts of my life, even if the writing was aquiver in part of how I reflected on the those events experienced at the time of writing process, the reader can see some truths in the albums, though they were mostly meant to reflect matters I didn’t wish to write on, madness being one of many a topic.

Please feel free to review the book yourself at the link provided below:

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