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Kanata Waltz is written as a traditional autobiography, covers a lot of personal events which mostly take place in Victoria, events are covered throughout Canada. No story is complete without a love story, I share some love stories and local history, as well touch on religion a bit, I dont get everything right, mostly just share some bits I found interesting with regard to religion, everything written on comes from memory.

Each copy is unique, hand crafted, and individually numbered, the cover is threaded, sometimes use different shades and colours with that, the rest is black and white. The book is made in limited press runs at this time and is 488* pages, 20 chapters. Sales are on hold until I find a more traditional publishing partner the contact page relates details as how to get in contact for now, orders are on hold for the time being.

Genre: New, Canadian Author, Canadian literature, History, Religion, Cooking, Autobiography, Adventure, Love.

September 24th 2019 tue promoted the book Kanata Waltz live on Adam Sterlings c-fax program.