Happy Holidays

2021 comes to an end soon, I will be connecting my two websites once 2022 begins, along with tie in and improve on streaming both news and gaming, sadly the last two years has been focused on medical matters, I don’t enjoy speaking on such topics, though I enjoy studying such matters from time to time, found the topic has only squelched more inquisitive studies into society, crime and a more earnest development of humanity.

Alas, I have procrastinated on seeking out a publisher or even an agent, outside of browsing some websites associated with what feels like a monumental task, I initially wrote Kanata Waltz as a means to keep my mind off my mothers fight with cancer, the process though helped in some respects, failed to help me better guide my mothers time in this world, people often take great pride in curating their hair, their garden, their blog. My mother indeed walked her own path, wish I could have helped made the last year of it more meaningful to her. It would have taken a stronger mind, the years prior hadn’t helped in that moment. I will try to strengthen my resolve moving forward.

I hope to make new acquaintances in 2022, if you’d like to get to better know me, feel free to review my projects linked below:


Look forward to helping reshape this world.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,


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