2nd edition

I went with Kindle direct publishing as my publishing partner for the release of Kanata Waltz. It released on #ValentinesDay of 2023. Though I tried dozens of Canadian publishers & even looked into Canadian literary agents, I had a great deal of trouble at the time, my mental health was troubling, during the creation process […]

Happy Holidays

2021 comes to an end soon, I will be connecting my two websites once 2022 begins, along with tie in and improve on streaming both news and gaming, sadly the last two years has been focused on medical matters, I don’t enjoy speaking on such topics, though I enjoy studying such matters from time to […]

Side Project

Been looking into broadcasting as a new side project and it has taken me aback on my writing projects, I wanted to leave an update on where I am. Currently I am half way through my typed edition which will be marked down in price, I am only going to focus on selling my book […]

In the works

The last of the new tools finally arrived, a traditional print hard cover is underway now with a new bind method, the materials for the cover were not my first choice but I will make due with what I have, the reason I first published in a non traditional print format as opposed to typed, […]

Going to retool soon

learned a lot through the process of writing & making my very first few sets of soft cover books, plan to pickup a few new tools & try out some more binding techniques as well try my hand at hard cover design, I have a few literary projects on the docket as well a host […]

Some thoughts

My intentions for writing Kanata Waltz was to honor my family & friends, when people set about writing an autobiography, it is to pay their respects, and share what matters to them. You have my love. I will try my best in future pursuits, been trying for a long time to make things better, If […]

Some New years resolutions

It is that time of year where we go over what could be done moving forward to improve. I have had far less contact with friends then I would like, I am optimistic that things will turn around for the better and I will hear from them in due time, I am determined to get […]

Holiday Brainstorm

When any given subject matter gets too tough to sort out the first thing to drop is false negative equivalency, rather inefficient. Both the UN & NATO should be disbanded. Individual governments are bad enough, let’s just create a buddy system based on geographic necessity & mutual humane interests to start, just the word humane […]

December tidings

Things really changed for me at the start of this year (2019). I am 32 years old, enjoy seeing the holidays celebrated this time of year, am glad to see it continue and grow where I am from too. I grew up celebrating many traditional western holidays, understand that many have much older pagon beginnings. […]