Some New years resolutions

It is that time of year where we go over what could be done moving forward to improve.

I have had far less contact with friends then I would like, I am optimistic that things will turn around for the better and I will hear from them in due time, I am determined to get some other matters in my life sorted first, I hope to finish an old conversation I had with someone very important to me a few years back. The beginning of 2019 for me was rough, I wish that anyone and everyone struggling in 2019 do better come 2020.

I would like to see Canada & the U.S. pull out of both the UN & NATO, we should lead by following up on domestic topics, ensuring that the citizens/denizens of the west are looked after, sort foreign policy later on our own terms. The U.S. requires a great deal of reform, one of the bigger topics is its privatized prison system, they should look to increase spending on ensuring only those committing serious crimes get harsh sentencing, those jailed on small pot related misdemeanors be given the opportunity to be cleared of such and find work and happiness, the U.S. would do good with far less private prisons exploiting petty crimes. The U.S. requires a far greater amount of reform then Canada, wish them all the best.

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