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The following preview page has been updated to include a write up for the 2nd edition.

An Autobiography, A Heart Witnessed. Excerpt: Chapter 5 Move

I ended up going to Rockhieghts elementary until grade five, I distinctly remember that in the first two years was one of a few kids who had their parent pack them a full sandwich, was a bit much in Kindergarden, until I took on eating less.

I did get into a few fights throughout my time at school, one at Rockhieghts involved a friend being picked on well playing soccer, I stood up to the three kids older then myself & received a fractured ankle for the trouble, luckily it hadn’t require any surgery.

I also fell off the stage in the gym, think we were reciting the yellow submarine by the beatles, lets be honest, someone was getting hurt in that thing, ended up knocking out a tooth. My teeth were still growing in, the new tooth grew in behind the rest in the top of my mouth, it left no gap in my smile, kept it. Did end up having my wisdom teeth pulled later on, that might account for a few things hey!

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