Holiday Brainstorm

When any given subject matter gets too tough to sort out the first thing to drop is false negative equivalency, rather inefficient.

Both the UN & NATO should be disbanded. Individual governments are bad enough, let’s just create a buddy system based on geographic necessity & mutual humane interests to start, just the word humane alone gives the buddy system an edge.

All modern standing military should have a small but we’ll run engineer core devoted to wind breaking logistics with civil recruitment contracting worked in.

Industrial cattle farming should be utilized to address arrid terrain, dividing the facilities & herding cattle with traditional western ranching practices between said facilities could do wonders.

A well thought out carpool format developed focus on nothing more then government employees would do far more good then any carbon tax.

If any rate should be adjusted based on fuel, a person’s passport should be limited to x amount of personal/business flights each year & business flights should be counted toward a standard set on businesses.

Just a bunch of ideas that I find hopeful nearing the end of 2019, happy holidays.

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