A note on imagery

Some matters I expressed via imagery in the book Kanata Waltz, imagination is a beautiful thing, did not write the book with any malice intent, the books, shelf & papyrus have further stories, I like the touch of gravity, though understand the negative associations that can be taken from some of it.

I write on coincidence, my belief on it though settled, at times causes worry none the less, a great deal of negativity is associated with religion & coincidence, could have written a much longer book highlighting what not to take away from it, given what I have seen of the old testament, offering further belief on principle tenants & virtues would be misguided, the mythology set out before that had passion, that is a start.

Try to wear pants, murder & rape are wrong. Theft is a more fickled thing though also wrong, here is hoping you didn’t need to read it from me.



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